Thursday, 4 February 2016

In school mini company final

Well today in school we had our mini company final to see who from our school would be going to the county final in March. After lunch we went to the library to set up out stalls, we got tables and put out our products and put up posters behind us.  We were all pretty nervous but excited at the same time. The judges started by going around to each group asking questions about our product and the experiences we had during the process of mini company. Next all the groups had to go stand in front of everybody and give a 3 minute presentation on our company.
When it was our turn we went up all confident but we were a bit nervous, sadly we didn't finish with in the 3 minutes. But it was still an amazing experience, the groups that got threw were Bía Bags and Paper Garden, good luck girls i know that you will do amazing in the county final.

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