Thursday, 4 February 2016

Rainbow Clouds

Who saw the Rainbow clouds on Tuesday?

Well I did, at 7:30 I was dragged outside by my dad saying "Aisling you have to see the rainbow clouds". I didn't believe him and then I saw them and lets just say that they truly woke me up from the Tuesday morning slumps, even tho I had the worst cold known to mankind .
pastel rainbow clouds

Sadly I learnt the these clouds where not made by unicorns that live in the sky but it was to do with ice. The clouds colour comes from hexagonal shaped ice crystals refracting the sun's rays to give the rainbow effect. The conditions for these clouds to form is quite rare, the sun has the be hitting the ice at 58 degrees or grater and the sky has to be clear with cirrus clouds. They are known as  nacreous clouds and usually occur during the winter season at high latitudes like Alaska, Northern Canada, Iceland, and Scandinavia.

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