Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mini company

As part of Ty we have to set up a mini company. In my company there is Jessica, Clarissa, Cynthia and Susan. We set up the company Tips Tricks And Makeup Bits which sells hand designed mirrors and brushs. As part of mini company we went to the Westgrove Hotel in Clane where we had a workshop on mini company. We were joined by several schools in the locality and the talk was given by Serena from Kildare SEA. She spoke about how to come up with ideas and how to market them. We had to think of as many ways to use a paper clip and to design our own pen which we had to pitch to everyone there. The talk lasted form the majority of the day and was very helpfull. As part of the process we did surveys to see if people would buy our product and how much they would pay for it, we found out that people loved our idea so we set off to produce them.

Our first chance to sell them was at a craft fair in the Mill the first day was quite productive but the real rush was on the second day of the fair where we nearly sold out. The following week we went to another craft fair with "Too Candle Too Handle".

We sell
Mirrors for €4.50
Brushs for 2.50
Positivity packages for €6.00

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