Thursday, 14 January 2016

Retreat and Carlingford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday the 16th of September we went on retreat to the Celbridge Manor Hotel. The day started by one of the men playing a joke on us, each of us fell for it hook line and sinker. After that we played a game where we were given a character and when that character was called you had to spin. Then we played fruit bowl and if you cheated you were put on trial and made to do one of the following sing, dance or tell a funny joke. We took a break for lunch and then we did we had a debate and then we had meditation.

The next day we sat off to Carlingford, we arrived to school very excited all dressed in our tracksuits and ready to face what ever Carlingford had to throw at us. We got on the bus and off we went, the trip was spent singing songs and talking about what was to come as well as the ocasional selfie. The bus ride was a long one and everyone was relieved when we arrived. No sooner were we off the bus then we were trown straight into the activities.

Displaying 20150917_100623.jpg
Displaying 20150917_100623.jpg

The first thing we did was canoing, everyone got changed into wetsuits and got life jackets and helmets. We all got into groups of 10 and we set off into the middle of the bay. Once we got there we climbed onto a pontune and were told that we could jump into the cold Irish sea. Next thing we knew one of the instructors pushed one of the girls into the sea. We all helped her out of the water only to discover that she had lost one of her shoes on the sea. Now her shoe is at the bottem of the sea and is a home for a crab. Then the instrutor aplogised to "DOLERES". Next we all jumped into the freezing Irish Sea and went by boat to the water trampoline, the trampoline was so fun but was really hard to stand on. When we got back to dry land we got changed and headed off to lunch.

After lunch we went to the laser lane and got ready to do laser tag. We were split into two teams and put on army jumpsuit. We climbed up this really big hill and when you thought that you were at the top you had a lot further to go. When we finally got to the top we found out that there was another school there so we joined their game. We found out that they were from Longford and that we are not cut out to be in the army. Laser tag involved us power walking up and down a hill in the rain we also played capture the flag. By the time we got down the huge hill we were a tad late for dinner.

                                                        After laser tag

After dinner we were shown our rooms before we set off for night line this involved us walking back up the hill. Night line was held at the same place as laser tag so while  one of the instructors set it up we were told the spaghetti story and let's just say that it is 10 minutes of my life which I will never ever get back. Night line was kinda scary because  the instructors kept throwing leaves at us and playin scary music but the most scary thing was when someone in front screamed it was like the scream went along the line. When we finished we found out that there was another way down the mountain which was a lot quicker.

When we got back we were aloud to leave and get food from the chipper after eating we went up to bed. The night was spent
playing games and telling story's. We were woken at around 7:00 to the bear necessities from the jungle book we striped our beds them went for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to do the Carlingford challenges  which were like mini games to create teamwork. The games involved building bridges and communication breakdown then we got to go in the zip line. We came back and got lunch then after debriefing we got on the bus and went back to the school  most people had a nap on the bus as well as the sing song.

Carlingford was amassing and I would love to go again.

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